22 July 2009

Williamsburg Coffeehouse Bathroom

Public restrooms rare - this one came with coffee, a nice window-seat view of the street, and sweet ipod hipster music that was accidentally stopped when i asked who a song was by... Looking @ music schedule in the Viilage Voice makes me want time/$$ to see shows. Cool stuff, $10. Pocket flask? $6 pints are rough!

8am train out of Penn Station tomorrow, so no late night tonight. Still jet/sleep-schedule-lagged...

Picked up a 6 pack of Dogfish Head 60min IPA last night for $13, warm 12pk of pbr for $9 on Bedford St. Cold pbr was a dollar more. Strangely enough, i saw 12pks of warm natural light for $6.50 today in RiteAid. What? Beer that fell off the back of the truck? This is Brooklyn, after all. $0.50 a beer even for the cheapest of packaged corporate swill seems a little odd.

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