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21 July 2009

Houston Airport Smokers Lounge

yes, that would be outside.

It amazes me that the city of choice for NASA mission control and a major hub airport is so perpetually overcast. Air like peanut butter, with some hot, dirty mopwater mixed in for good measure.

Continental staff is a rather moribund crew. Our 1.5 hr layover has magically extended itself an hour - its shaping up to be a long day, what with impromptu going away party and all. Still, if we get there i'll be happy.

Traveling with green machine, trying to download MTA subway maps. I forgot my credit card sized MTA map at home. Alas. I *did* remember my passport, which is still valid ('til 2016, which makes me wonder what the world will look like then...).

Cool-looking Brooklyn couchsurfers and a big bag of homemade snacks for the airport wait 'til then. Not Texas, here we come!

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1 comment:

  1. I wish there was a place where I could smoke inside an airport. I'd even pay. Maybe $5 for a day pass.