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05 February 2009

On Seasons and Sleep

"Sleeping is my hobby"

That quote from one of my bosses. I tend to concur. In the runOup to the winter solstice, i found myself with an insatiable hunger for sleep. 9 to 10 solid hours, day after day. It was magical & comforting & confusing all at once. I could weather a single night of 5 hours of sleep once a week perhaps, and then i had to hibernate. Any less sleep & i soon became a zombie, walking brain-dead.

The sun started coming back, the weather became mild, and the semester started. That last one, i'm sure, affected me most in the short-term. The sudden rush of people, ideas, and deadlines was pure overstimulation. For days at a time, i was awake at night, restless. I lay in bed, closed my eyes, and opened them a few hours later. It's not that i was "trying" to go to sleep, There was simply little sleep to be had, and little rest in the sleep that came.

I started to fall apart a bit.

I started on St. john's wort tincture last sunday. Frsh stuff, made in town.


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