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25 May 2009

If only it were that simple... Enforced upgrade from feisty to jaunty

Pl/R abjectly refuses to build under Intrepid (8.10). No package for it, requires postgresql source, and even then it fails. But wait! There's a Jaunty package. A good excuse to upgrade (and postpone real work for another few hours)? Can it be done over a remote ssh without knocking the box over? On the upside, Oh My Lord, the campus network is Mad-Fast. The new ubuntu install tools (do-release-upgrade) helpfully inform me: "You have to download a total of 1735M. This download will take about 3 hours 40 minutes with a 1Mbit DSL connection and about 2 days 19 hours with a 56k modem. " Um, yeah. 5 minutes later... Done jaunty/main postgresql-contrib-8.3 8.3.7-1 [81%] 9469kB/s 35s Holy mother-of-wow. I love my campus, and i highly recommend for West Coasters looking for a screaming mirror. Of course, unpacking takes a while. First problems arise therein: "dpkg: libjack0: dependency problems, but removing anyway as you request: stk depends on libjack0 (>= 0.109.2); however: Package libjack0 is to be removed. mplayer depends on libjack0 (>= 0.109.2); however: Package libjack0 is to be removed." NOOOOoooo! Give me back my libjack! This is a work computer, and libjack is definitely not for work, though the psychic relief of multitrack recording with rosegarden definitely helps. What gives? Total upgrade takes ~50 minutes. At last: System upgrade is complete. Restart required To finish the upgrade, a restart is required. If you select 'y' the system will be restarted. Continue [yN] y Broadcast message from xian@ocimum (/dev/pts/2) at 20:19 ... The system is going down for reboot NOW! It goes down, and doesn't come back up. Looks like i'll be driving into the lab today...

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