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02 February 2011

I've been obsessively following Egypt for the past few days. Both the BBC and Al Jazeera have excellent coverage, as well as Google Realtime. After days of seeing BBC's "Have your say" links on the BBC ( and reading tech and business stories to boot ), I sent one in. Here goes: ### Begin Comments The latest comments from both Mubarak and Obama indicate that change is on the horizon. How close the horizon actually is seems to be the biggest question on people's minds. Several days ago, in the space of minutes, some 80 million people vanished from the internet (see This likely happened at direct orders from the current regime - who else wields such power? This is one of the most significant "black marks" against the current regime - a totalitarian attempt to curtail information flow. A resumption of basic information services is an absolutely prerequisite to any transition. If the current regime is serious about stability, they will "turn the lights back on" ASAP. The fact that they haven't done so yet casts serious doubt on their intentions.

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