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12 June 2009

flying standby

After a long and futile day at the airport yesterday watching summer afternoon thunderstorms make a hash of my travel plans, i booked for the 6am out of ABQ.

A brief list of miraculous events proceed:
1. Megan graciously and unexpectedly offers to drop me off at the god-aweful hour of 5am.

2. My alarm fails to wake me at the even more god-aweful hour of 4:30, but a gate-change triggers a call from Southwest at 5:20am. I'm obviously late.

3. There's leftovers in BAM's fridge, and megan spots me a V8.

4. At security, i'm shuttled into the pilot/express line. I fly through security despite an irrationally long 5:40am "normal" line.

5. I don't feel like a total zombie...

6. Pressure-induced condensation vortex from turbelence in the streamline off the wing during descent braking.

7. belgian waffle with real butter

8. getting on the plane from denver to baltimore.

it's shaping up to be areally nice day. i'm sure i'll keel over eventually, in a safe place...

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