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16 October 2009

bonus pic - tincture making

this is percolation, michael moore (the herbalist) style, easily the most irritating method imaginable, but the man is right. it works. well. this is a ridiculous amount of coltsfoot. if you got lung issues, lemme know...

the herb is soaked for some time, and then packed into the cut bottle with a coffee filter below and above, not too tight, not too loose, then alcohol is poured on top, and it seeps through and carries the goodness away with it. the cap on the bottom is screwed just so, such that one or two drops a second leave one bottle asnd enter the other.

this particular batch is pretty bitter. the color tells me that it more-or-less worked as advertised. one outstanding question is whether "waste" of alcohol or plant matter by using excess of each is preferable. tincture-making is a fine line between the two. depends on the plant (and the booze), i suppose...

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