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09 January 2009

The best/worst sunset in town

Few things hightlight the mind's eyes ability to filter and highlight like cellphone pics. Here's an especially dramatic one taken of the East Mountains at sunset, with a luminously full moon hanging overhead.

This intersection of Lomas and 12th gives one of the best views of the mountains in downtown. Too bad its framed by powerlines and 6 lanes of rush-hour traffic and fumes.

Somehow my mind and my eye are very good at picking out and focusing on the wonder of the sunset-peach-colored mountains and bits of cloud in the distance. I'd linger, but the fumes of ABQ's numerous beaters, and the frantic pace of the intersection, are harder to ignore. Instead, i snap a picture and trot away down quiet, house-lined 12th which, pleasant as it is, lacks the view.

This pic looks nothing like what i saw.

Human eyes are mechanical and informational wonders (see new years post!), functioning in a wider range of lighting than any camera, and responding faster. Cell cameras are the opposite...

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