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03 January 2009

blunt objects;
eye trauma;
orbital fracture:

file under things not to do on new year's eve.

after 2 days of seeing double (vertical displacement) a sore left eye, and numbness on that side of my nose, i started to wonder if a doctor might have some wisdom. it was fri the 2nd of this new year, not a holiday per se, so i should be able to schedule some non-emergency visit, right?

wrong on all accounts. another case of "go ask google". after talking to a very nice soul @ NewMexNurseHotline (24/7/365&free!), calling the still-closed UNM student health center, & pres. hospital, the emer room was still my only official option.

30 min of google later, i have found my symptoms and causes described exactly. the eyeball rests in an orb of fragile bones that tend to crack before the eyeball pops under sudden pressure (lucky for us... im not sure popped eyeballs heal so gracefully). unless severe, it heals itself.

so i scheduled an eye exam for next week. i need new glasses anyway. oh, and here's my self-diagnosis.

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