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12 January 2009

why i'm nocturnal

from time to time, especially after a long interlude of relative peace & self-determination (like the one after the holidays), i forget just how much i dislike crowds & traffic.

then i wake up one day relatively early & leave my cave relatively early in order to accomplish some grand & useful task in pursuit of the higher good, something that involves a business establishment that closes @ 5pm, or requires sunlight.

the onslaught, the horror! where did all these people come from, and where are they going?!

today i checked the groundwater wells down by the river. i can't do it after sunset, not at all. trust me. i tried. it's much warmer in the day, too, &very peaceful and pretty.

getting there is murder, tho.

i go to winnings for coffee and breakfast. its packed. people are talking to me. i'm talking back. why?! i just want to eat and read the paper.

next, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the one ways. where are so my folks going @ 3pm? interstate construction.


1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention that you're also a vampire.