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26 March 2009

A delicate operation

I formalized my Current Research Statement today for a fellowship that I'm not, at this moment, a smashing candidate for. I beat my head against the conclusion, and i'm still not exactly happy with it, but i attached it and pressed send nonetheless. It's amazing how many errors go unchecked until i print it out and see it on paper... As always, seeing it in latex makes me happy (though i'm not sure how i feel about this ultra-low-res blogger pic - click for something that doesn't make your eyes bug out!):

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...I should speak with you sometime about my proposed models for diel cycles in stream ecosystem respiration and drivers of these cycles. I'm sure there are all sorts of problems with my assumptions that I'm not even considering. I'm not as comfortable with your language as I should be.