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23 March 2009

Getting out of town, getting blown around

We managed to get out of town for 2 nights. The first night we found an awesome flat-bottomed spruce hollow, sheltered and moist with plenty of firewood, a few miles away from the VLA. It was magical to look down on the VLA on the drive out of the mountains. The second day was terribly windy. Gusts to 45 miles an hour? Sounds about right. The car wobbling around on the highway. Somehow we managed to find a strangely sheltered camp spot in the middle of the woods - some quirk of local topography sent the wind whistling over our heads - to cook our mac-n-cheese and snuggle into bed with the sake. We booked it back home today to get M. to class. I still have a head cold, so today hasn't been too productive otherwise. Here's where we went:,-109.493866+to:US-191+to:87106&hl=en&geocode=%3B%3BFfSKCAIdlkF5-Q%3BFaQOGQId8rZ7-Q%3B&mra=ls&sll=35.160337,-108.132935&sspn=1.609939,3.523865&ie=UTF8&ll=34.800272,-107.882996&spn=1.617033,3.523865&t=h&z=9

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