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17 March 2009

waiting for a sandwich

i'm presented with this jem of modern commerce. yes, the white can on the right actually says "free cocaine"... what will these folks think of next? fat-free heroin?

its the little breaks in life, waiting in line, for laundry, short enough to pause but not long enough to do anything useful, that sends these strange little missives out into the ether...

and yes, the lack of cut-and-paste on this phone is truly a sorrow.


  1. Ha! I saw these guys on the corner of Yale and Central a few months back, before I even knew it was an energy drink. They had scantily clad women out on the sidewalk waving ENORMOUS SIGNS that read, "FREE COCAINE!"

    And to think APS boycotted selling "Pimp Juice" in schools...who wants Pimp Juice when you can have Free Cocaine anyway?

  2. Also--